Almond petals

USEFUL TO KNOW: Almond is a tree of small size. I think the vast majority will say that the hazelnut is a nut. This statement is not true, as the almond in its origin refers to stone fruits. Even under the form and physical appearance the almonds remind apricot kernel. Homeland almond tree is the region of Central Asia and the Mediterranean. In Ancient Egypt, almonds were considered food that is worthy of only the pharaohs. Nowadays, the almonds became an available luxury. In addition to the foetal-derived products. made from almonds, such as almond petals. According to the definition adopted in the food industry almond petals is cut in a special way peeled almond kernels. Almond plate is nothing like almonds sliced very thin plates. Is a popular confectionery decoration is quite often used in the manufacture of birthday cakes or cupcakes.