Split peas polished green

USEFUL TO KNOW: One of the oldest crops grown by our ancestors. Vegetable pea protein is very important for the functioning of the human body amino acids and other nutrients. Green peas in our country are less common than yellow. However, he deserves far more attention. The taste is favorably yellow – sweet and tender, and fall apart faster.
Great benefits for the body brings pea fiber, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Doctors advise to use peas in obesity, atherosclerosis, anemia and for the prevention of goiter. There are studies that prove the benefit of pea in cancer cells. Pea is able to prevent the formation of clots in blood vessels, regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, bile output. The most important property of peas is undoubtedly the fact that it is a rich source of protein. Women will be interested to know that the regular consumption of peas slows down the aging process of the skin and the whole organism.
HOW TO COOK: wash the green Peas and cover with water (per 100 g peas 200 ml of water), bring to boil, cook on low heat under a lid for 30 minutes, add salt at the end of cooking.