Couscous Israel (Ptitim)

USEFUL TO KNOW: Israel couscous is one of the youngest products in the world, how amazing it sounds. It appeared in a difficult period for Israel (1949-1959), when the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion asked the experts to come up with a replacement of rice. In the end, there is a new kind of grain – ptitim, which is popularly called rice Ben-Gurion. It turned out a cross between pasta and couscous. Ptitim were made from flour of durum wheat (Durum). At first it had the form of grains of rice, but then, the inventors changed the shape of the balls and called the rump Israel couscous. Ptitim contains a large amount of vegetable protein and b vitamins.
HOW TO COOK: Ptitim to fall asleep in boiling salted water (per 100 g pttm – 200ml of water). Cook with closed lid on slow heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.