About Us

Our company started its activity on Ukrainian market of cereals in 2009, TM “Moya Krajina”, which was packed into the most common, at that time, type of packaging, the so-called “Pillow Package”.
In 2011, the company management thought about the fact that the market for cereals requires something new after work and analysis in 2012 appears TM “Eco-Brand” (For information, TM “Eco-Brand”, it is only the name of the trademark and has nothing to do with organic products). Groats under this trademark are packaged in the new, at that time, the type of packaging “Doy-pack”. This package is very convenient to use both in the kitchen and in the campaigns, because, for the use of cereals, you do not need to tear the package, and it is sufficient to unscrew the dispenser.
Over 4 years of sales TM “Eco-Brand” we received a lot of feedback from our customers, and decided to start packaging “Doy-pack with Zip lock”. The appearance of this package in 2015 year made more convenient to use grains because not all types of cereals well spill through the spout.
So, for today, the trade mark “Eco-Brand” is presented in a wide assortment in two kinds of packages “Doy-Pak”, with a dispenser (groats of finer grinding) and with a zip-lock (other groats).
Also, in addition to upgrading the package of TM “Eco-Brand”, the company has decided to take his “family assortment” new “residents” ?. As a result, in 2015 the range has expanded by 4 product. These are three types of flour – from Almond, from Flax, from Sesame, and one species – Almond slices. Since these products are part of the premium segment, respectively, and packaging should be at a high level. For these products, was selected the Tubus packaging .
Avega company does not stop developing. Already in 2017 goes to foreign markets